High CPC Keywords 2021 | Highest Paying AdSense Keywords


Top 10 High CPC Keywords 2021 Highest Paying AdSense Keywords Ideas For 2021

In the United States, insurance is easily the highest paying niche. This is a very competitive niche which has an average CPC of $17.55 and can go up to $55.

Most of the insurance fall under this niche, including health, home, auto, and life insurance. Businesses are willing to pay more for clicks on an insurance ad because they can have an incredibly high ROI, even with much higher CPCs.

Just like insurance, loans, and banking-related niche can also be very profitable.

  1. Insurance: $55 CPC

car insurance
life insurance
health insurance
car insurance quotes
cheap car insurance
home insurance
travel insurance
national insurance
insurance quotes
bike insurance
auto insurance
insurance companies
homeowners insurance
canada life
aviva car insurance
medical insurance
globe life insurance
workers compensation
insurance policy
term life insurance
lic policy
business insurance
term insurance
cheap insurance
public liability insurance
medicare part b
car insurance companies
axa car insurance
house insurance
my aviva
car insurance near me
progressive quote
auto insurance quotes
cobra insurance
cheap auto insurance
life insurance quotes
whole life insurance
liability insurance
fred loya
private health insurance
kemper insurance
aa car insurance
landlord insurance
car insurance online
aaa auto insurance
medicare part d

  • Loans: $47 CPC

mortgage rates
ppp loan
personal loan
payday loans
refinance rates
fha loan
mortgage interest rates
small business loans
home loan
car loan
mudra loan
sbi home loan interest rate
sbi personal loan
home equity loan
car finance
business loan
debt consolidation
mortgage refinance rates
reverse mortgage
home loan interest rate
car loan interest rate
mortgage broker
sss loan
online loans
home equity line of credit
sbi e mudra loan
best mortgage rates
ppp loans
msme loan
payday loans online
sbi e mudra
refinance mortgage
debt consolidation loan
instant loan
e mudra loan
mortgage loan
home loan rates
auto loan rates
fha connection
education loan
hsbc mortgage
quick loans
auto loan
personal loan interest rate
sbi personal loan interest rate
home equity loan rates

  • Gas/Electricity: $41 CPC

electric company
power to choose
american electric power
hydroelectric power
ku electric
pacific gas and electric
green power
gas and electric
electric power
hydroelectric power plant
electric meter
edison electric
best electricity
electric company near me
saudi electricity company
solar panel installation
power switch
ministry of power
energy switch
kilowatt hour
hydro power plant
electricity providers
light company
solar pv
power company
eastern power
electricity meter
no electricity
capital electric
best energy deals
hydro power
first electric
electric energy
hydro one rates
cheap electricity
cheapest gas and electric martin lewis
electricity rates
mn power
pec electric
electricity department
father of electricity
united electric
prepaid electricity

  • Mortgage: $38 CPC

mortgage rates
refinance rates
fha loan
mortgage interest rates
30 year mortgage rates
help to buy
15 year mortgage rates
first time home buyer
mortgage refinance rates
reverse mortgage
mortgage broker
buy to let mortgage
home equity line of credit
best mortgage rates
bank of america mortgage rates
refinance mortgage
mortgage loan
rocket mortgage squares
td mortgage rates
us bank home mortgage
cash out refinance
bank of america refinance rates
us bank mortgage
30 year fixed mortgage rates
home mortgage rates
newrez mortgage
home interest rates
rocket mortgage rates
interest only mortgage
best mortgage lenders
equity release
cibc mortgage rates
uwm mortgage
closing costs
home refinance rates
us bank mortgage rates
lowest mortgage rates
jumbo loan
10 year mortgage rates
balloon payment
20 year mortgage rates
va mortgage rates
15 year fixed mortgage rates
mortgage lenders

  • Attorney: $37 CPC
  • Credit: $37 CPC
  • Lawyer: $31 CPC
  • Donate: $28 CPC
  • Conference Call: $23 CPC
  • Degree: $18 CPC

High CPC Keywords 2021

Not every keyword pays the same. If you have stepped into the world of blogging you need to be strategic about the content you write.

Some keywords can attract a lot of traffic but get very little AdSense ad engagement. This is because those High CPC Keywords 2021 are irrelevant to the ads that are being displayed.

While some keywords target niche traffic yet gets a lot of ad engagement and brings a lot of money.